A belated "Hey Everyone!" to everyone!  Why?  Well, this post is being written way after this page was posted.
    I could go on about how busy I am but I won't.  Instead, I'll talk about this comic!
    Here we finally see Terry as we'll see her for a good long while in this series.  After her explosive introduction in the prologue, she's now in her teens!  Alas, all doesn't look so well right now.  We'll have to wait and see just what (or who) is bugging her in the next page!
    In a bit of news, Pilar and I will be Kurt Sasso's guests in his awesome show, Two Guys Talking (TGT)!  There, we'll be talking about M.O.U.S.E. so be sure to check it out once it's posted!
    Have a great day and keep on rockin'!