Hey everyone!

    Well, such is the way of things in the webcomic world that "real life" can get in the way.  As you may have noticed, our initial goal of publishing a page a week has been tough to keep up with.  Nevertheless, we'll keep trying to stay on schedule, of course!

    On my end, I've just moved and turning a new house into a home had taken up copious amounts of time.  Fortunately, things are starting to stabilize.  Today, for example, I finally scanned Callous comic strips I had inked nearly a week ago and sent a revised and updated script to Pilar for succeeding pages of M.O.U.S.E.!

    Now on to this page.  As you can see, we've started to reveal more about Terry and Pats here.  Pats was shown to be a prim and proper, rule-abiding student yet she barely passes a big exam (yes, 80% is barely passing in this school).  Terry, on the other hand, is a bit of a rebel when it comes to the institution's recommended decorum yet is naturally gifted in brilliance as she perfected a difficult test.  Without giving away too much, this contrast plays out a bit more in succeeding pages as the two characters get fleshed out and the drama unfolds.

    Here's a bit of insight on how we create these pages.  I send Pilar the script and she pretty much has tons of artistic freedom on how to bring that script to the comic page.  Very rarely do I step in to suggest layout or artistic revisions as the series editor.  It's a treat to myself as well, seeing how Pilar interprets my writing.  It's a joy to receive each completed page and I go over them, learning from them and finding delightful little nuances.  Having said that, is that Blossoms and Buttercup in the third panel? :D

    Lastly, announcements!  M.O.U.S.E.'s first convention appearance will be in October at the Callous Comics table in Komikon 2012.  So far I'm planning to have Pilar's pencils on exhibit (they're gorgeous) and we may have a printed B&W teaser where we launch the first chapter's cover!  The rest of 2012 has some more comic conventions in store and I'm trying to book a spot on their floors.  I'll announce any appearance I have here when they're official!

    Well, until next page!  Have a great day!