Pilar:     OBJECTION! Why is this page so late? The artist had some fever?! Well she's better now! TAKE THAT!
PS: I had some congested allergy. I'm allergic to dust! And the current weather wasn't helping! DX

Caz:    Hi everyone! It's been an ultra-electro-magnetic hectic time for me lately.  Juggling these multiple careers and responsibilities can make me forget to post this page!  Indeed, I had received this excellent page a few days prior to its posting.  I guess I'm slipping!  But at least we get to see Dr. Satrebleu's character a bit here.  But let me tell you, there's still more to him than what we see on this page!
    At any rate, Pilar has gushingly exclaimed how much she loves how I wrote the next few pages.  I hope you will too!