Pilar (Artist): Achievement Unlocked: Praise and criticize Dr. Satrebleu's hard work!
Caz (Writer): I'm loving Pilar's pages, man, I really am!  I like how Terry's so at ease with a known alleged threat to society like Dr. Satrebleu.  Perhaps she's grown tough after years of ridicule from Marq in school?
Aside from Komikon we'll probably prepare the first issue of M.O.U.S.E. for distribution by Indy Planet for our international readers.  We're still figuring out digital distribution.  So don't worry, somehow you'll be getting our glorious first issue!
Thanks to everyone who supported M.O.U.S.E. in the TGT Tournament.  We were unfortunately knocked out by a formidable webcomic though we put up a pretty good fight!  The best of luck to the remaining contestants!
My other comic, Callous, has one of its books ("On Lighter Dreams") nominated for the Filipino ReaderCon 2013 Reader's Choice Awards!  The online poll should be up in a few hours so I'd really appreciate your votes!
Until the next page, my friends! :)
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