Pilar (artist): Hey ya all! Sorry for the LONG delay. I finally had a regular job, and it's proving me that life is just tough for me! So much adjustments to do! Whew! Anywho, I'll keep updating, as I am slowly getting a hang with this job. ;D
Caz (writer): No worries, Pilar!  Congratulations on the new job!
    We hope to have this first issue ready and printed in time for Summer Komikon 2014 this April!  As for our friends in the US, we should have it in one of the print-on-demand services over there and of course as a digital book as well.

    Things seem to be going great for Terry and Dr. Satrebleu!  Looks like they've gotten along quite nicely.  But is Terry a bit distracted from her own work?  Tsk tsk...