Caz (Writer):
    Hey everyone! I received some great feedback during FCBD 2014 regarding M.O.U.S.E.!
    To be perfectly honest with you, it was a huge weight off my shoulders to hear that people enjoyed it. That's all I really wanted, for people to have fun reading this.
    And M.O.U.S.E. is a big change from what I usually write, the slice-of-life comic strip series that is Callous. Writing this comic took a lot of effort, admittedly, to get the inter- and intra-page rhythm right. As I type this I'm currently in the process of totally re-writing Chapter Two, as I felt the rhythm and pacing didn't feel right initially. Writing a longform comic is a new and exciting challenge for me and I'm so glad to know that my efforts were, at the very least, well-received.
    And giving Pilar, an artist whose potential I truly believe in, the opportunity to stretch her artistic legs is another joy entirely. I gave her total freedom as co-creator to come up with the designs and overall look of this comic and it's noticeable that she's still experimenting and growing as each page gets completed.  I do believe that we're in for some stellar stuff in the future with Pilar and I hope she stays on as the series artist as long as she possibly can.
    And with that, here's the first review (that I know of) of M.O.U.S.E. - Chapter One!