Hey everyone!  Carlo here.  You may know me better for my work in Callous Comics.  However, here I am unveiling a comic whose story I have had in my head since I was in high school!

M.O.U.S.E. - Multiple Ordnance and Utility Synthetic Entity

    Due to my work with Callous and all my non-comic responsibilities I couldn't draw this comic myself.  Furthermore, the tale is in longform which is something I'm not used to.  So, I decided to wait until I could meet an appropriately skilled artist before starting the production of this series.

    Fortunately, I met a stunning artist, Pilar Esber, whose style would give a delightfully interesting look to M.O.U.S.E.!  Below are some of her character studies for some of the primary personalities in the series.

    I'll be revealing more as the day of the launch comes closer!  Until next time, have a great day! :)