M.O.U.S.E. - Multiple Ordnance and Utility Synthetic Entity is the story of Beatera "Terry" Sainsbury, a student at the Cauvern School of Advanced Studies, taking up Robotics and Cybernetics.

Our story begins at the beginning of her last academic year where she is required to undergo an internship at an accredited training center to complete her final dissertation.

However, although she had been consistently scoring high marks in her scholastic aptitude tests, she received ridicule from her peers for her unkempt and disheveled appearance and general nonchalance.

Furthermore, her proposed final dissertation project, a prototype robot mouse capable of transforming its body and limbs to any required weapon or tool, was deemed far too advanced to the point of sounding fantastical that she wasn't taken seriously by her advisers.

An error in her internship application processing forced her to fall under the reluctant tutelage of Dr. Satrebleu, a seemingly mad scientist suspected of having the evil intention of attacking her home city, and perhaps the world, so that he may rule!

Will Terry be able to complete her robot mouse?

Will she find acceptance among her peers?

Will she survive a year of internship in a mad scientist's laboratory?

Will she ever be taken seriously?

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